The ultimate WOD tracking tool

XLOG is a WOD and PR logging application. XLOG allows you to sync your logs across multiple devices in real time.

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XLOG Features

XLOG is packed with easy to use features that help you track your WODs without unneeded complexity.

Preloaded with Common WODs

XLOG comes preloaded with all the Hero, Girls, and Benchmark WODs.

Create Custom WODs

XLOG allows users to create custom WODs which can be edited and tracked.

Preloaded with Common Movements

XLOG comes preloaded with common movements so you don't have to bother entering them.

Custom Movements

XLOG allows users to create custom movements for those not included in the preloaded movements.

Track your PRs

With XLOG, you can easily track your PRs, whether they be WODs or Movements.

RSS Feed

The dashboard in XLOG displays any ATOM or RSS feed you choose. Users can set their RSS/ATOM feed in the settings portion of the app.

Log Calendar

User can choose to see their logs in list format or on a monthly calendar view.

Multi-Device Sync

Users can create an XLOG account and enjoy the benefit of having their data synced to the cloud. This allows users to use XLOG from multiple devices and access their data in real-time.

XLOG Screenshots

Below you will find a sampling of XLOG's elegant and easy to use interface.

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